Welcome to Wharton's Nursery...

 Key Dates:


Closed for Bank Holiday Monday - 3.5.21

Small Reports/updates will be coming out to parents on the week commencing 3.5.21 

Sports Day Week/Events- Dates TBC around the week commencing 24.5.21

Break Up for half term - Friday 28th May

Re-opening of School-Summer Term 2 Starts- Wednesday 9th June


 Summer Term 1- Aspirations and Dreams

Main Texts used will be: The Barnabus Project, Wisp and Snail Mail. 

For the first part of the summer term, we are going to be focusing our learning all around our future, our dreams and our aspirations. Following on from this, we will support our learning by exploring the story book called The Barnabus Project by The Fan Brothers.
For the first week, we will immerse the children into the ideas of ‘dreaming big’ and their aspirations for when they are older. This will include looking at texts such as the BFG and Walt Disney quotes such as, ‘If you dream it, you can do it!’ We will also explore the text ‘Wisp’- a story of hope by Zana Fraillon and Grahame Baker-Smith which will ‘hook’ the children’s’ imaginations and will create our learning platform. From this we will begin making:
: Fairy Light Dream Jars
: Dream Catchers
: Ribbon dancing to develop gross motor and fine muscle movements.
: Create future ‘post lockdown’ dream bottles.

Following on from our aspirations, we will begin to explore pets. This will lead us beautifully onto The Barnabus Project text. For our pets’week, we will be using descriptive language to describe different pets, visit a virtual pet store, design our perfect pet and create our own creations by planning, drawing and creating small models for our role play pet store. The children will decide if the store will have the typical traditional pets or if it is full of wonderfully imperfect pets.
Once we begin exploring The Barnabus Project in week 3, we will look more specifically at PSED topics. This will include everyone being ‘imperfectly perfect,’ exploring that everyone looks and acts differently but we are all equal and are as unique and beautiful as can be! With this, we will explore all of the ‘failed’ pets in the story and create our own Barnabus in a jar-just like the front cover. We will even explore creating our own mismatched pet creations in teams using clay, mod-rock and play dough.
Once we have all created our creatures, we will create a ‘Great Escape’ week where we will be creating our own marble runs and life size escape mazes for the little creatures. We will have lots of problem solving activities this week and lots of team work activities that will need super thinkers and lots of perseverance! 
After our ‘Pet Great Escape Week’ we will be exploring the story called Snail Mail by Sharon King-Chai. This story will lead us into Summer 2 Term where our last topic of the year will be Under The Sea.


 Our Nursery Team includes:

Mrs Richardson- Class Teacher and EYFS Lead
Miss Clancy - Class Teacher and Interventions Teacher
Support Staff- Miss Janet, Miss Joanne and Miss Bethany

Lunch Staff- Miss Janet and Miss Debbie

Our Nursery Routines...

Our Nursery day starts at 8:30am and ends at 2:30pm

All of our nursery sessions are planned with a balance of child initiated and adult led activities (including carpet times). Although we run our setting with stories, themes and topics, we very are very much inspired and led by the children’s ideas and interests. With this, all of our resources are introduced throughout the year to support children in the seven areas of learning both through self-directed play, and with adults supporting and extending their play.

Each day and within all weathers, your child will have access to the indoor and outdoor areas of provision. During our short carpet sessions, the children enjoy and listen to stories, learn to sing songs, take part in phonics and mathematics activities. They also have the opportunity to listen to adults and to listen to each other for information and ideas.

Snack Time
During Morning snack time, all children have toast with water or milk and during afternoon snack, the children have fruit and a drink of juice or water.

At 11:45, we prepare for lunch and go into the infant Hall to eat our lunch. If your child has a school dinner, please ensure you pre order your child's lunch on the School Grid site. Packed Lunch friends eat with the other children - please ensure that all food sent into school does not contain any traces of nuts.
At lunchtime children are encouraged to eat using knives, forks and spoons. Social eating and drinking are an important part of personal, social and emotional development.

Nursery Areas of Provision...
Each area in Nursery is carefully laid out to allow children to access the resources they need to play, linking both their own learning needs and interests to the current Nursery theme.

A phonics area, with phonics resources currently linked to one of the 7 aspects includes books, musical instruments, puppets, talk buttons, mirrors and microphones.

A mark making area, with resources for drawing, writing and mark making includes flat working spaces, vertical easels and belly writing to strengthen all areas of the body to prepare your child to mark make and begin to form letter shapes.

Our role play area is a domestic home corner. We use this style of role play as it is an area that most children have prior language, knowledge and modelling of to encourage and enhance imaginative play. Later in the year, we enhance the role play with both topic and child led ideas.

A mathematics area  is filled with puzzles, puppets, rhymes, numbers, scales, colour sorting and much more!

Our wet and dry sand area is open ended to explore textures and to manipulate different types of sand for different purposes. The area contains various resources such as spades, buckets, sticks and small world toys, sieves, spoons and more.
The wet and messy area contains various resources such as slime, gloop, jelly, water, beans etc. This area enhances sensory play. It includes a variety of resources such as funnels, containers and small world toys, which allow children to pour, fill and empty containers and play imaginatively.

A painting and creative area for children to access a range of tools such as glue, paint, chalk, textiles, collage, scissors, hammers, hole punches, stamps and more is used to enable and encourage children to use their own imaginations and become expressive learners.

Our calm and sensory book tent contains books related to our current focus, as well as a wide range of information, fiction and poetry books to choose from. This area also includes microphones, writing opportunities, finger puppets and small world figures to engage story telling.

The large construction areas include large and small construction toys, transport vehicles, small word figures, natural materials, tools, and role play opportunities. Included in this area is reading, writing and mathematics opportunities.


Thank you,

The Nursery Team