Welcome to Wharton's Reception...

We look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday 7th September at 8:30am.

Letters & Sounds
We will have daily Letters and Sounds sessions in 4 small groups. The children will work with a teacher and a teaching assistant. The children will be learning the sounds of the alphabet and to orally segment and blend. This will be carried out through practical lesson, IT and games. Most children will be working on Phase 3 of letters and sounds whilst consolidating phase 2. Children will learn to read some high frequency words and phase 2 and 3 tricky words. These can be found in many activities on Seesaw.

We will be continue to focus on name writing and letter formation. We will be applying Phase 2 and3 letters and sounds into literacy lessons every day. Writing for a purpose will include activities such as: fact files about sea creatures, recipes, sentences and short stories.

Children will be heard read twice a week in school and should be heard at home every day. Repetition is key at this early stage of reading. Children should be able to read the words in simple sentences as well as understand what they have just read.

We are following the ‘White rose’ scheme of work this year in our maths planning. This term we will be focussing doubling, sharing and odds and evens. Children will be learning to recognise the numerals, count to 20 forwards and backwards and be able to combine numbers within 10 confidently using objects or pictures to help them. 

Home / School Tasks.

Please read with your child daily their own book as well as pictures books.

Seesaw has lots of activities to support learning at home if you have not accessed them so far.

Name writing is very important please practice first and second names.

All items of clothes should be labelled, we encourage independent skills in Reception and making sure your child’s clothes are labelled helps them look after them. Already jumpers have been misplaced because there is no name on them.
Children need a PE kit this consists of a white t shirt, black shorts and black PE pumps. All items should be labelled.

PE is on a Tuesday morning for all of Reception and will be delivered by Coach Nick, with the support of Reception staff.