Teachers: Mrs Phillips and Miss Towse

Teaching Support: Miss Emma, Miss Theresa and Miss Lucy

Summer Term: Are all Mini-beasts Ugly?

This term we will be learning about what lives at the bottom of the garden. Children will be exploring and learning about different mini-beasts and their habitats. They will learn about the features of bugs and different life cycles. Children will be encouraged to express themselves creatively through art, music and movement. They will be outside a lot this term helping to plant vegetables in our garden and creating mini beast homes. Aswell as taking part in outdoor maths and literacy activities.

Our key texts are: Jack and the Beanstalk, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Superworm, Tadpoles Promise and The Ugly Bug Ball.

Children will be writing descriptive sentences, instructions and recalling and even creating their own stories. As we move towards the end of the this term it is now our expectation that most children should be writing at least 1 sentence independently using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

In Maths the children will be learning about 3D shapes, capacity and measurements in practical activities linked to topic work. They will counting back and sequencing numbers from 20-0, doubling, halving and sharing objects and continuing to solve addition and subtraction questions.

All children are now working on phase 3 letters and sounds. To support your child at home please see the website suggestions linked to phonics. The best support is to read with your child everyday. 

In topic work children will be learning about the Easter story and what this means for some people. They will be learning about life cycles, creating a wormery, making 3D models using different materials, learning new songs and rhymes. They will discover how plants grow and keep their own bean diary.

The PE lessons for the whole summer term will be games. Children will be developing ball skills using different equipment and taking part in different Olympic style events. As we move closer to summer some PE lessons may be outside.

In Reception we expect:

  • Reading books in reading bags to be brought to school everyday.
  • Reading record to be signed and comments included.
  • A charge of £5 for lost/damaged reading books.
  • Children to be on time.
  • A spare set of clothes to be kept in school in case of accidents.
  • Children to be collected only by the adults recorded on the authorised sheet.


In Reception we expect children to practice their reading with adults at home. If you need some more advice on how to help your child please come and speak to a member of staff. 


Children have snack and juice every day. This costs £1.25 per week via Parent Pay. You can pay termly or weekly with the Parent window open on Wednesday and closing 2pm on Friday


Children need to have a PE kit in school, this is a plain white t-shirt, black shorts and  black PE pumps. PE day is Wednesday.

At the beginning and end of the school day:

Please can you drop off your child at the Reception door at 8:55am. The class teacher will welcome him/her into the school and help the settling process. At the end of the day the doors will open at 2:55pm and the teacher will bring your child to the door. Miss Towse at Nursery door and Mrs Phillips at Reception door.

You are welcome to arrange a time with your child's teacher to consult with them after school if there is something that needs discussing, i.e. if you want to talk about needs or best ways to help your child.

In the morning:

We are now opening our doors at 8.45 for you to be able to support your child with an activity before school. This could be name writing, reading or counting. You are able to come in one morning a week; this needs to be prearranged with the class teacher. Any questions please speak to us. We look forward to seeing you there.


This is how we record your child's learning. You are now able to access all the fantastic learning and your child's journey through the Early Years. If you have trouble accessing this please speak to a member of staff.