Welcome to Wharton's Reception...

Staff in Reception are: Mrs Cleary, Mrs Watts, Miss Emma, Miss Carly and Miss Stacy.

More information can be found via Seesaw.

Spring is here!!

During this half term we are going to be getting very busy learning lots of new and exciting things. During our first week back we are looking forward to 'Curious Critters' coming into school to teach us about lots of different critters we may never have seen. 

We will be taking part in World Book Day where the children will be exploring the magic of story telling and will develop their love for reading. 

We will also be taking part in World Science week where the children will be learning about different scientific concepts and developing critical thinking skills. 

During this half term, children will participate in various fun filled activities such as Easter egg hunts and various crafts. We will also be learning about the significance of this festive season. 

Supersonic phonics
We will have daily phonic sessions in 3 small groups. The children will work with a teacher or a teaching assistant. The children will be learning the sounds of the alphabet and to orally segment and blend. This will be carried out through practical lessons including ICT and games. We will be working through basics 2 and 3 throughout the year ensuring the children are confident applying their phonics in their reading and writing. We will also be learning to read some high frequency words and basics 2 and 3 tricky words. We will hold workshops throughout the year to support parents and carers with reading at home. 


We will be applying basics 2 and 3 phonics into literacy lessons every day. As we move through the year children will write simple captions, longer sentences and maybe even simple stories in the summer term. Our class provision will reflect the sounds the children have been learning in phonics to encourage them to apply this in their independent work. 

Children will be heard read twice a week in school and should be heard at home every day. Repetition is key at this early stage of reading. Children should be able to read the words in simple sentences as well as understand what they have just read. Please look on Seesaw for further information about reading strategies to help at home.

We are following the ‘White Rose’ scheme of work alongside the NCTEM Mastering number programme. Please see attached documents for the long term plan for mathematics in Reception. Further information will be posted onto Seesaw to help at home.


Dough Disco

Each morning we start the day by diving straight into strengthening our fine finger muscles and developing our gross motor movements. We complete this every morning by warming up our hands and developing onto manipulating each muscle in our hands to support each child's development. This supports balance, muscle development, communication, mark making and handwriting and much more!

Squiggle Time and 'Flipper Flappers'

We use part of each day to cross our mid-line to prepare our children for mark making and writing. These are active sessions and show clear progression throughout the year! The children really enjoy this physical session which develops with a specific programme throughout Nursery up until the end of Year 1!

At 11:45, we prepare for lunch and go into the infant Hall to eat our lunch. If your child has a school dinner, please ensure you pre order your child's lunch on the School Grid site. Packed Lunch children will still eat with the other children in the hall - please ensure that all food sent into school does not contain any traces of nuts.
At lunchtime children are encouraged to eat using knives, forks and spoons. Social eating and drinking are an important part of personal, social and emotional development.

Home / School Tasks.

Please read with your child daily. This can be their reading book as well as pictures books.

Name writing is very important please practice first and second names.

All items of clothes should be labelled, we encourage independent skills in Reception and making sure your child’s clothes are labelled helps them look after them. Already jumpers have been misplaced because there is no name on them.

Children need a PE kit this consists of a white t shirt, black shorts and black PE pumps. All items should be labelled.

PE is on a Monday morning for all of Reception and on a Friday, we do extra PE outdoors with the 'Manchester City in the community project'. The children will be learning lots of new skills throughout the year.