Teachers: Mrs Phillips and Miss Towse

Teaching Support: Miss Emma, Miss Theresa and Miss Lucy

Spring Term:Is the Sky the Limit?

We are about to begin our new topic that will hopefully be Out of this world!
We will be exploring the question ‘Is the Sky the Limit?’ The children will have the opportunity to learn about earth and the wider solar system. We will be exploring what flies in the sky and how to make objects travel faster in the air, exploring planets and creating our own representations, creating our own aliens and using IT to travel around the moon.

In literacy we are expecting the children to be applying their knowledge of phonics into their own independent writing and write simple captions and sentences. Most children are encouraged to form letters in the cursive text. If you are unsure please speak to a member of staff. Children will be writing about things that fly, life of an astronaut, how to catch a star and describing aliens. Our key texts this term are: How to catch a star and The way back home by Oliver Jeffers and Aliens Love Underpants.

In maths this term we began by comparing lengths and sizes of objects and using the correct terminology. We will be exploring subtraction by finding 1 less in practical and written methods. Towards the end of the term we will be exploring teen numbers using Numicon resources. You can support your children by making sure they are confident with numbers up to 20 recognising and writing them. Giving them practical counting opportunities when you are shopping or at home. There are many games online and apps that support counting and number recognition as well.

Letters & Sounds
We will continue with daily Letters and Sounds sessions. These sessions equip the children with the skills they will need in order to be successful readers and writers. Children will continue to learn the letter sounds and most will start to learn digraphs such as sh, ch, th and ng plus many more. Children will be reading and writing tricky words and starting to read longer sentences. Phase 3 letters and sounds resources such as the ones stated below can support you at home.

In Reception we expect:

  • Reading books in reading bags to be brought to school everyday.
  • Reading record to be signed and comments included.
  • A charge of £5 for lost/damaged reading books.
  • Children to be on time.
  • A spare set of clothes to be kept in school in case of accidents.
  • Children to be collected only by the adults recorded on the authorised sheet.
  • Children to be able to zip their own coat up.


In Reception we expect children to practice their reading with adults at home. If you need some more advice on how to help your child please come and speak to a member of staff. 

We are creating a reading display for the children. Every time they read at home they will move along the path 1 space. For every 10th space they reach they will be entered into a raffle for a very special prize. Reading with your child is very important and the more consistently they are read with the more confident and fluent readers they become.


Children have snack and juice every day. This costs £1.25 per week. Please put money in a named envelope and bring to school on Mondays. You can pay half termly. You can now pay on Parent Pay. 


Children need to have a PE kit in school, this is a plain white t-shirt, black shorts and  black PE pumps; PE day is Wednesday. Please make sure all items are named.

At the beginning and end of the school day:

Please can you drop off your child at the Reception door at 8:55am. The class teacher will welcome him/her into the school and help the settling process. At the end of the day the doors will open at 3pm and the teacher will bring your child to the door. Miss Towse at Nursery door and Mrs Phillips at Reception door.

You are welcome to arrange a time with your child's teacher to consult with them after school if there is something that needs discussing, i.e. if you want to talk about needs or best ways to help your child.

In the morning:

We are now opening our doors at 8.45 for you to be able to support your child with an activity before school. This could be name writing, reading or counting. You are able to come in one morning a week; this needs to be prearranged with the class teacher. Any questions please speak to us. We look forward to seeing you there.