Welcome to Year 2

English –
Our first texts that we will be enjoying are ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘Lost and Found’. We will be exploring the texts together and further fostering our love of reading. We will be continuing to develop our writing skills through a range of activities such as retelling the stories, writing in role as the characters and many more.

Reading – We read in Year 2 EVERY day. This includes through guided reading, phonics activities and also by individual reading. Now that the children are in Year 2, we will also be furthering our reading for understanding and meaning. There will be additional focus on developing our comprehension skills.


Please continue to read with your child at home as often as you can. You can use your child’s reading diary as a method of communication with us about how your child is reading at home. The ‘Reading at home’ sheet is full of ideas of activities and questions that you can ask your child when reading at home. If you would like any help with this please ask a member of our team.


Maths – To begin the year we will be consolidating and furthering our knowledge of place value. The children will be using a range of practical apparatus within the classroom. Mrs Ingham is hoping to hold a workshop in the first term to show you how we teach Maths in Year 2. Please ask though if you have any questions as our homework tasks will be mostly Maths based.


Science – Our first topic will be ‘Animals Including Humans’.
History – We will be exploring and discovering all about ‘The Gunpowder Plot’.
Geography - Our first topic will be ‘What a wonderful world’.
Art & Design – Our topic ‘Colour Chaos’ will involve the children developing their colour mixing skills whilst exploring artists that painted in a similar style. We will also be making our own moving pictures using sliders.
Computing – We will begin the year learning how to stay safe when online. We will then progress to a topic on coding.
Music- We will be using our hands, feet and voices to explore sounds.
P.E – This will be on a Friday afternoon. Please remember to bring your PE kit (black shorts, white tshirt and black pumps all named) for each lesson. You can leave your PE kit on your peg if you prefer.
If you have any questions or queries, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.
The Year 2 team can’t wait to work with the children. We will have lots of fun whilst learning and working hard this year.