Year 3’s class page


Welcome back! We look forward to seeing you on the 9th June. 

Reading – During our whole class guided sessions we will be reading a wide range of texts and will focus on retrieval, vocabulary and inference questions. This will help to consolidate learning taught prior to the lockdown.

Reading at home – When we return to school, we will continue with our home reading. We will change any books that you may have read at home and will ensure that your child has a new book to read. Please make sure that your child is reading for 10 minutes every night.

Maths – For the remainder of Summer Term we will be consolidating our arithmetic and multiplication knowledge.

P.E (with Coach Nick) is every Tuesday so don't forget to bring the correct kit, ready for this day. This is a white T-Shirt, black shorts and a pair of black pumps. It would be ideal if this kit was clearly labelled and kept securely in a labelled P.E. bag, so that any misplaced items can be returned quickly. Have a pair of track pants and something warmer available as we will be outside as often as possible.

Homework – Reading will be the children's main activity that is expected outside of the classroom. If the right book is found, this should not seem like hard work! Weekly spellings will be provided and consolidation math’s activities. Of course, any additional research or work is richly encouraged and will only benefit your child's progress throughout the year. Suggestions are attached, but really, any rehearsal of skills outside of school is beneficial: times tables games/apps, grammar monster, research about our topics/science.


  • Bring a fresh bottle of water every day
  • Bring your reading book and reading record every day
  • Toast and milk will continue as usual and payment will continue through Parentpay. If you are unsure how to use Parentpay, please contact the school office.

If you have any questions or queries, please arrange a phone appointment via the school office. We are available from 8:15 every day and after school each night (apart from Tuesdays). We very much look forward to working with you and your children for one final half term!

Miss Martin-Chambers, Mr Holden and the Year 3 Team