Welcome to the Year 4 class page!


English - This term, we will be using some of the exciting myths in the fantastic Marcia Williams 'Greek Myths' text, such as Theseus and the Minotaur and Jason and the Golden Fleece, to stimulate our own writing. Through our new history topic, we will learn lots of facts about the Ancient Greeks and we will be using this to create atmosphere and describe settings and characters. 'Pandora's Box' and examples of poetry will be looked at before we create our own guides to this ancient world. Throughout each piece, our focus will be on sentence structure, cohesion and accurate punctuation. 

Reading - Reading takes place every day in school, in a variety of ways: whole-class guided sessions, individual reading, and during the class text. Vocabulary, retrieval and improving inference are all of high priority, but ensuring your child enjoys reading is the main thing that matters! Please encourage your child to read as often as possible outside of school. If you need any recommendations, please ask. Lovereading4kids.co.uk is a wonderful website for recommendations but we have a vast selection in school. Remember, comprehension and an appreciation of what you have read is of equal importance to speed and fluency. It is so important that each and every child has an enjoyment of reading. There is a book for everyone! If you're not sure what your child should be reading next, please come and ask. 

Maths - The focus of this term will be number, place value and calculation skills. These vital parts of the maths curriculum will be helped so much by continued learning of the multiplication tables so support with this outside of school is very much appreciated. By the end of Year 4, children should be able to recite all within 3 seconds. Times Tables Rock Stars will help with this, so ask for your child's login details if you are you do not already have them. 

Science - Our first topic looks at the human digestive system, including our teeth. We will also study food chains. 

History - Ancient Greece. In this exciting topic, we will study Greek gods, myths and artefacts, as well as find out about the Battle of Marathon and the Trojan War. How does ancient Greece compare to the modern world?

Geography - Our first topic will begin in Autumn 2, where the water cycle and pollution is our focus. 

Art & Design - We will be improving our sketching skills. 

Computing - Online safety will be our main focus before moving on to developing our coding knowledge. 

P.E - (with Coach Nick) is every THURSDAY, so don't forget to bring the correct kit, ready for this day. This is a white T-Shirt, black shorts and a pair of black pumps. It would be ideal if this kit was clearly labelled and kept securely in a labelled P.E. bag, so that any misplaced items can be returned quickly. Have a pair of track pants and something warmer available as we will be outside as often as possible.

Reading will be the children's main activity that is expected outside of the classroom. If the right book is found, this should not seem like hard work! Weekly spellings will be provided and Purple Mash will host extra weekly activities which will be marked and discussed online with the children. Of course, any additional research or work is richly encouraged and will only benefit your child's progress throughout the year.

If you have any questions or queries, please arrange a phone appointment via the school office. We very much look forward to working with you and your children this year.

Miss Lewis, Mr. Martin and the Year 4 Team :)