Summer 1 2021 - Here come the Summer! 

Year 4 Day - 8.45am -2.45pm

Welcome to the Year 4 class page!

English - The whole school, from Nursery to Y6, will be looking at the theme of 'Onwards and Upwards' - a celebration of aspiration and working together. Using the wonderful text 'The Barnabus Project' by the Fan Brothers, we will be looking at differences, dreams and hopes for the future. Writing will include persuasion, explanation, narrative, dialogue and poetry. We look forward to showing off some of creations on the LKS2 Facebook page soon.

Reading - Every day in school is a reading day. The children will be reading independently, within whole-class guided sessions, during Reciprocal Reading topic lessons and join in as we read our current class texts: 'Wish’ by Barbara O'Connor (4M) and 'The Girl with the Lost Smile' by Miranda Hart (4L).

Please encourage your child to read as often as possible outside of school. If you need any recommendations, please ask. is a wonderful website for recommendations but we have a vast selection in school. Remember, comprehension and an appreciation of what you have read is of equal importance to speed and fluency. Just because they can read alone, doesn’t always mean they should.
It is so important that each and every child has an enjoyment of reading. There is a book for everyone! Both Mrs Carr and Miss Lewis know that all of Year 4 will be super readers by July.

Maths – This half term, we will be focussing on consolidating our arithmetic skills using the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be consolidating the formal division before moving on to fractions. 

Science – We will be completing our next topic 'Living Things and Habitats.' 

P.E (with Coach Nick) is every Thursday afternoon so don't forget to bring the correct kit, ready for this day. This is a white T-Shirt, black shorts and a pair of black pumps. It would be ideal if this kit was clearly labelled and kept securely in a labelled P.E. bag, so that any misplaced items can be returned quickly. Have a pair of track pants and something warmer available as we will be outside as often as possible.


  • Reading is the most important activity children can be doing at home to support their learning! Your child’s teacher can help with recommendations of appropriate resources.
  • Practising times tables is also really important! By the end of Year 4, children are expected to know all their times tables up to 12.
  • Weekly spellings will also be provided which are tested each week.

If you have any questions or queries, please arrange a phone appointment via the school office. We very much look forward to working with you and your children again!


Don't forget that we will not be in school on Monday 3rd May as it is a Bank Holiday.

Miss Lewis, Mrs Carr and the Year 4 Team