Year 5

Welcome to Year Five

Summer Term in Year 5

English – writing and speaking

This half term we will be using a variety of texts to create some great writing.  As always, we hope to produce neatly presented final drafts, which have carefully edited spelling and punctuation. For a complete list of writing targets, please feel free to ask.

English – reading

Every day in school is a reading day. The children will be reading independently, within whole-class guided sessions and join in as I read our current class text. 

Please encourage your child to read as often as possible outside of school. If you need any recommendations, please ask. is a wonderful website for recommendations but we have a vast selection in school. Remember, comprehension and an appreciation of what you have read is of equal importance to speed and fluency so I have attached some suggested questions to discuss with your child.

It is so important that each and every child has an enjoyment of reading. There is a book for everyone!  The children need to bring their books into school each day and their reading record needs to be signed each week by an adult. Children are reading each day in school throughout a variety of lessons and contexts (even if their record has not been signed daily!) is a great website for recommendations (for all Year groups and topics) is fantastic for all of your grammar queries! Also, BBC Bitesize has many interactive ideas to review key concepts.

Rainforests: A geographical study, linking many parts of the Art and Design, Design and Technology and PSHEC curriculum.



Spring Term focused our learning on number and calculation, so that we can confidently use these skills within context. Revision of place value, ordering and rounding has been our starting point, with the children will be attempting to master the expected methods for multiplication and division. Throughout this term, regular rehearsal of the multiplication tables will take place, so please keep supporting them with this. They should aim to recall a fact (X and ÷) within 3 seconds (out of order). Over this half term, there will be new learning of geometry, angles and fractions.

Science lessons take place every week. Please ask for an overview of the year's topics.

Spanish (with Senora Sherratt) and P.E (Coach Nick) are every Wednesday so don't forget to bring the correct kit, ready for this day. This is a white T-Shirt, black shorts and a pair of black pumps. It would be ideal if this kit was clearly labelled and kept securely in a labelled P.E. bag, so that any misplaced items can be returned quickly. 

Year 5 will also have Kids' Fitness for 3 weeks again this half-term so please ensure that kits are in on Tuesdays too.

Reading will be the children's main activity that is expected outside of the classroom. If the right book is found, this should not seem like hard work! Spellings will be provided weekly for a test the following week. As topics in Maths, grammar or science have been taught, revision of these will be sent weekly. Of course, any additional research or work is richly encouraged and will only benefit your child's progress throughout the year. 

 Other Information

Monday 17th June - KS2 sports day - provisional - subject to the weather.

Wednesday 19th June - whole school photograph day.

Remember Year 5 - keep practising your 6, 7 and 8 times tables, up to 12 times the number. Also, use your words from your spelling list to write ten sentences using each word, spelt correctly and making sense in a sentence. This is extremely important so you know and understand the meaning of each word.

If you have any questions or queries, please come and see me. I am available from 8:30 every day and after school each night (apart from Wednesdays).

Many thanks,
Mrs Thornton