October Raffle Winners

On Tuesday 29th October Mr Lowe, Mrs Smythe and Coach Nick were lucky enough to take the Octoberber raffle winners bowling to Hollywood Bowl in Bolton. These children were drawn on the last Friday before half term as their names had been entered in the raffle. This is because they had been following the school rules and have been a general delight in class in October, therefore they deserved their names in the raffle envelope.

Mikey Bailey Nursery
Dalton Lowe RT
Kylan Cooper RS
Poppy Bibby 1H/W
Eaman Maughan 1E
Keon Doyle 2I
Noah Dickerson 2M
Mason Toby 3S
Brandon Hewitt 3 M-C
Darla Macdougall 4L
Chanya Lambrecht 4M
Alfie Thompson 5H
Natalia Ogorzalek 5T
Gracie Rouse 6

The children almost had the bowing alley to themselves and they loved every minute of it. The children represented school well and demonstrated exemplary manners and this was recognised by all of the staff from Hollywood Bowl.

A wonderful time was had by all. Now we can all look forward to the next draw in November!