The school uniform is as follows:

  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Grey skirt or trousers
  • Red jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt
  • Black flat shoes (no trainers)
  • Summer wear - red check dress, grey shorts

Ties are optional and available from the School Office. The school logo is available in the form of an iron-on badge, again available from the school office.

If pupils arrive at school in non uniform footwear, a pair of black pumps will be provided for them to wear that day.

A white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps should be provided for P.E lessons. Please ensure that the children have P.E kit for lessons and should be available as teachers take the opportunity for additional PE activities at other times during the week.

In the interest of health and safety, jewellery should be kept to a minimum. Watches may be worn and children who have pierced ears should wear studs; no hoops. No other jewellery is permitted.

Ear-rings to be removed for PE and swimming lessons.

In the interests of safety, girls should not have long nails or artificial nails. It is not appropriate for nail varnish to be worn at school.


We actively discourage pupils from bringing in items of any value to school and mobile phones, iPods or any other personal electronic items are not permitted. If under exceptional circumstances a mobile phone needs to be brought in, an accompanying letter, from a parent or carer, should be sent to school. The phone will be kept in a locked place until the end of the school day.

Other items brought into school are the responsibility of the child who brings them. School staff will endeavour to create an environment where personal and school property is respected and looked after, but we are not responsible for the items should they go missing or get damaged.

If a child loses an item or something of their own gets damaged during school time, staff will make every effort to find lost items or take action if damage was caused willfully, but school will not be responsible for replacing these items.

If a personal item is lost or damaged at school, parents should always bring the matter to the attention of the class teacher so that school can attempt to resolve the situation appropriately.