Lledr Hall 2019 Day 3

Published 23.7.19

What a great end to a fabulous trip here. Today Mr Greaves and myself went Gorge Walking. With the amount of rain we have had overnight the river was raging and this made the experience even more exciting for the children with the fast flow of the water. They were sliding down waterfalls, jumping into deep pools and walking under waterfalls as well as using a rope to help hoist themselves up to the top of a large bolder at the top of the waterfall. We had a few slipping as it was very tricky underfoot when walking in the gorge but the children were belly laughing the whole way. The Fisherman's walk was also a little hair raising as the river had swelled making it rise up as the children navigated their way through the gorge on ropes attached to them.

Miss Julie had a fabulous time exploring the 100 year old slate mine and the children fully enjoyed listening to stories about the miners and how they managed to work in there just by candlelight.

It is disco night tonight and the children are looking forward to getting themselves all dressed up an ready to dance their last night away... that's if Miss Julie, Mr Greaves and myself can keep our eyes open to control the music requests!!

All the children have loved it, with some saying they could quite easily stay for another week! They are looking forward to sharing their experiences with their friends and family.

See you all tomorrow!

Mrs Carr

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