Around the World Week - Year 2 Travel to China!

Published 1.3.19

WOW! What a week it has been for Year 2! We have found out so many new facts about China and had so much fun along the way on our exciting learning journey.

We started off the week identifying what we already knew about China- which wasn’t a lot. But now we know so much!

Here are some of the exciting learning activities we carried out:

  • We explored using atlases and the laptops where China is in the world, which continent it is in, which countries it is near, what its flag looks like and what the population of China is. We used our findings to create a fact file all about China.
  • We then explored artists from China. We recreated our own willow pattern plate and recreated a piece of scroll art in the style of Li Cheng. We used charcoal to recreate our own piece of Art in his style.
  • We found out so many facts about Chinese New Year. We found out which animal year we were born in and explored the story of Chinese New Year. We made Chinese lanterns and Chinese dragons as part of our DT. We even wrote our own instruction texts about how to make a Chinese dragon for other children to use. We made sure that we included all the features of instructions texts.
  • Finally we translated our names into Chinese writing. We even heard how our names are pronounced in Chinese.

What an action packed week we had! So much fun and learning along the way!

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