Wharton’s Around the World Week - Yr4 - Brazil

Published 1.3.19

Year 4 spent their around the world week spending lots of time learning and exploring all about Brazil.

Around the World Week - Linked with Mathematics
• We tasted a variety of fruits that grow in the rainforest and some of the traditional foods that are famous in Brazil. With this, we voted for our favourite fruits and collect our data within a bar chart. We then answered a range of questions based upon our findings.

Around the World Week - Linked with ICT, Speaking and Listening
• We researched all about Brazil’s traditions, famous people, sports, artists and more. We then used our research to create a detailed poster all about Brazil. We then presented our posters to the class.

Around the World Week - Linked with Geography and Mapping Skills
• To begin learning about Brazil, we explored different internet sources and books to gather information. From this, we will discovered Brazil’s location and its surrounding locations and oceans using 3D maps, atlases and globes.

Around the world Week - Linked with Baking
• We baked a traditional Brazilian biscuit called ‘Biscoilos de Maizera’. We followed the recipe and created the traditional pattern on top. We then tasted them in class and took the rest home to share with our families.

Around the World Week - Linked with Design and Technology
• Whilst exploring the famous, popular and traditional carnivals throughout Brazil, we also looked at the spectacular costumes and masks. We liked them so much, we decided to design our very own and make them!

Around the World Week - Linked with Art
• Linking with art, we learnt about the different animals that live within the rainforests and linked this with the famous Brazilian artist Romero Britto. Romero has a unique pop art style of artwork. We explored his work and created our own animal rainforest portraits using his famous Brazilian style and techniques.

Around the World Week - Linked with PE/Physical Activities
• Football- As Year 4 enjoy physical education, the pupils asked if we could look at famous Brazilian footballers and explore their techniques e.g. dribbling, ball control, controlled passes and penalty shoot outs. We had a very fun and competitive afternoon.

• Samba - After making our carnival masks, we listened to traditional music and dances. Year 4 particularly enjoyed watching the samba. From this, we looked at the famous Brazilian dance and learnt a simple dance routine. 

Check out our Brazil Week Gallery for an overview of some of the activities and learning opportunities we explored.

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